Travel Italy – Common Italian Phrases – Visiting Florence


Travel Italy – Common Italian Phrases – Visiting Florence



Here are a few common Italian phrases that will help you during your visit to Italy.

If you would like to know if you can pay by credit card, say “Accette carte di credito?”, means “Do you accept credit cards?”

When you would like to pay, tell the waiter “il conto per favore” means “the check please”

If you need to buy round trip tickets to Venice, ask the clerk “Due biglietti di andata e ritorno per Venezia.” that means you want to buy two round trip tickets to Venice.

If you are taking the bus and want to make sure you are on the right one, you can ask someone “Questo autobus va a il Duomo?” that means “does this bus go to the Duomo?”

Never assume someone does or does not speak English. It is always best to ask “Parla inglese?”, parla inglese means “do you speak English?”

When you need to get by someone, say “scusi”, that means “excuse me.” If you want to say thank you, another word is “grazie.”

When you are out shopping and want to know the price of an unmarked item, it is better to ask the shopkeeper how much by saying “Quanto costa?” Quanto costa is how much?

Another important thing to know no matter where you are is “Dove è il bagno?” means “where is the bathroom?”

It is considered polite to use general Italian greetings even if you do not speak any other Italian. Some important formal ones to know are “Buon giorno” means good morning or good day. “Buona sera” means good evening.

What you will hear the most in Italian is “ciao”, an informal way to say hello or goodbye. I am Ester Salis, showing you Florence.

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